«Vologda Region is the Spirit of the Russian North»

The well-known brand of the Region has an objective to unite Region people and to demonstrate our North Region advantages to its guests and entrepreneurs. The brand represents Vologda Region as a peaceful and open territory, whose residents follow moral ideals, traditions, and are committed to work.

«Veliky Ustyug – the birthplace of Ded Moroz»

Vologda Region invites you to a fairy tale! Vologda Ded Moroz is known far beyond the borders of Russia. The project has been implemented in the Region since 1998, and during this time more than 3 million people have visited the residence of Ded Moroz. His residence receives tourists during the whole year, and the city of Veliky Ustyug has become a unique place of the Vologda region, attracting various businesses. Since 2018, it has become one of the participating cities of the interregional tourism project "Silver necklace of Russia".

Vologda lace

Vologda has long been considered the lace capital of Russia and the tradition of lace weaving continues today. Moreover, this sphere does increasingly influence not only the culture, but also the economy. It includes industrial production with the preservation of folk traditions. The lace Museum plays an important role in popularizing Vologda lace brand.

Vologda flax

Thanks to this unique plant, the Vologda region has become a historical center of flax growing. Today, the enterprises work on the technology of deep processing of flax -" from field to customer". Flax is used to produce food products, linen clothing, construction materials, medical and other goods. 27 regional farms are engaged in its production.

Northern niello

Northern niello traditions were known since Kievan Rus' time. High quality of northern niello and its unique pattern has become a trademark of Veliky Ustyug craftsmen. Since the beginning of the XX century, the city has become the only centre of this unique craft in the world. Nowadays CJSC "Severnaya Chern" (Northern Niello) produces about 2000 articles of silverware, and its products have officially qualified as "folk art craft of high artistic value".

Vologda butter

Only state supervised enterprises that are eligible for producing the butter and that use only fresh high quality milk from local farms may produce it. Being butter production technology inventor, N.V. Vereshchagin of Cherepovets is rightfully classed as dairy industry and milk processing industry creator in Russia. Participation in international exhibitions traditionally award local producers for the best records.