General information

Vologda Region is the soul of the Russian North. Our region is located in the north of the European part of Russia and borders with the Arkhangelsk, Kirov, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Tver, Leningrad regions, as well as with the Republic of Karelia.

The Vologda regional center is known for its traditions and crafts. Cherepovets - "the warm heart of the Russian North" - is the largest industrial center of the Vologda region. It is here that large enterprises of the metallurgical and chemical industries are concentrated.

Industry of the region: metallurgical production, production of chemicals and chemical products, wood processing and production of wood and cork products, except furniture, production of finished metal products, except machinery and equipment, food production, production of machinery and equipment, provision of electricity, gas and steam.

The Vologda region is interested in further development of the agro-industrial complex. Dairy fat plays a leading role in agriculture.

Investment potential of the Vologda Oblast

  • The area of the region is 144,527 square kilometers.
  • The population is 1 million 172 thousand people.

Main characteristics

dynamics of economic development of the Vologda region

Fixed investment

  • billion rubles

Industry structure

  • Chemical production

  • Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water

  • Food production

  • Machine-building complex

  • Woodworking and pulp and paper industry

  • Metallurgical production

  • Other

Gross Regional Product (GRP) at current basic prices

  • billion rubles

GRP physical volume index,% to the previous year

  • RF (GDP)

  • Vologda Region

The volume of shipped goods of own production (work, services) in industry

  • billion rubles

Industrial Production Index

  • Russian Federation, %

  • Vologda Region, %


We cooperate with more than 100 countries of the world. Among the leading foreign partners of the Vologda Oblast are enterprises from Germany, Turkey, China, India, Poland, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Iran, the USA, Belarus and other CIS countries. Regional industry provides high rates of development of export supplies of the region. The composition of our exports is traditional and is determined by the structure of the region’s economy, the main sectors of which are ferrous metallurgy, chemical and woodworking industries. The structure of regional imports of the region is largely due to the need for technical modernization of the industrial complex of the region. The goal of the foreign economic activity of the Vologda Oblast in the coming years and in the long term is to strengthen existing positions and develop new sectors of the world market based on increasing competitive positions.

Foreign trade turnover. 2017, million US dollars

  • Import, billion rubles

  • Export, billion rubles

Commodity structure of export / import. January-March 2019, million US dollars



Реестр экспортеров Вологодской области

Агропромышленный комплекс

Volume of investments in agriculture

  • billion rubles

Agricultural output

  • billion rubles

Agricultural Production Index

  • Russian Federation (GDP), %

  • Vologda Region, %

Строительные и строительные материалы

Volume of investments in the construction industry

  • billion rubles

Лесопромышленный комплекс

Volume of investments in wood processing and wood products

  • billion rubles

Woodworking and woodworking

  • billion rubles

Production Index (wood processing and wood products)

  • Vologda Region, %

Промышленность и переработка

The volume of shipped goods of own production (manufacturing)

  • billion rubles

Industrial Production Index

  • Russian Federation (GDP), %

  • Vologda Region, %

Энергетическая и коммунальная инфраструктура

Providing electric energy, gas and steam; air conditioning

  • billion rubles

Water supply; water disposal, organization of waste collection and disposal, pollution elimination activities

  • billion rubles

Index of production, distribution of electricity, gas and water

  • Vologda Region, %

Production index (water supply; water disposal, waste management and pollution control activities)

  • Vologda Region, %

транспорт и логистика

Volume of investments in transportation and storage

  • billion rubles

Социальные и спортивные

The volume of investments in the field of culture, sports, leisure and entertainment

  • billion rubles


The dynamics of the tourist flow

  • million people