According to Tatiana Ilyushnikova, for the self-employed, who now have almost 2.5 million people in Russia, a simple, understandable tool was offered when you can do business "from the phone screen." "The Institute of the Self-Employed has removed all barriers in terms of registration, in terms of reporting," the deputy head of the department explains during the session at the PIEF-2021.

Nevertheless, a number of barriers remain for the development of youth entrepreneurship in Russia. The first thing Tatiana Ilyushnikova notes is "it's like transforming her theoretical knowledge and ideas into a business."

She says: "There is a big demand among businesses for new skills. But this is not a classical education or even a three-month course. There is, for example, a request how to promote your product in social networks. And the state needs to satisfy this request by completely transforming the classical educational programs," the deputy minister says.

Tatiana Ilyushnikova called the second barrier for the aspiring entrepreneur "fear of making a mistake". "This fear arises, in part, because the state has almost never worked with such an institution as fair bankruptcy. Even if the entrepreneur has not accumulated debts, it will take six months for him to close the company. Not 5 days, which is required to open a company, but six months. Even if you don't owe anyone. These six months mean the end for the entrepreneur," she explains.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Economic Development also noted that despite the unprecedented measures of support provided by the state to SMEs, the issue of financing is acute for young entrepreneurs. "Barriers to entry in terms of financing remain. This is the main barrier. When an entrepreneur has no history, when there is no business experience and reputation. Classic financing tools such as: loans, microloas and guarantees, they are certainly saved. But in today's world it is obvious that both the state and the institutions of support need to try new formats, for example, in the form of platform finances" - crowdfunding, crowdinvesting and other), - says Tatiana Ilyushnikova.

In conclusion, Tatiana Ilyushnikova noted that every year there are new phenomena that require awareness by all participants in the sphere of entrepreneurship. "Now a whole new segment is emerging, where the business is completely "in numbers", fully gamified and associated with the production or creation of new content. And based on these derivatives, digital fashion appears, when content is measured in seconds (The TickTok phenomenon). And this sphere is also entrepreneurship. In this area, young people earn money. It is obvious that the business in this segment will only grow further," she added.

In 2021, the Government allocated 2.4 billion rubles of subsidies to support start-up entrepreneurs and citizens planning to start a business in the regions. My Business Centers have educational programs and step-by-step help in starting a business. Young entrepreneurs can learn the basics of doing business and labor law, financial literacy, take a course in marketing and sales. In 46 regions of the Russian Federation, young entrepreneurs have access to jobs in My Business centers, which can be rented on preferential terms in co-working rooms for up to 1 year. Besides

The Ministry of Economic Development plans to introduce a "package" of the novice entrepreneur, within which the business at the start will be able to issue a free electronic digital signature, run initial advertising, pay rent, pay tax payments or interest on the loan.

Source:Website of the Ministry of Economic Development

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