175 plots of land were issued under the regional program "Vologda Hectare." The vast majority of recipients are from other regions of Russia.

Recall that now on a pro bono basis you can get in Babaevsky, Vashinsky, Vozhegodsky, Vytegorsk, Nikolsky and Kharov districts. The most popular was the Nikolsky district, where 105 plots were allocated.

Some investors, for various reasons, did not start using the land for the specified purpose. To help entrepreneurs avoid financial losses, the Vologda Region Investment Agency has developed a checklist that will help to better assess the readiness of the project for the start. The new tool will allow to correlate the funds required for the launch of the investment project with the available start-up capital and upcoming costs. Also, the form gives an opportunity to assess the expected financial result in each month, the competence of the entrepreneur and the demand for the chosen niche. All this will allow to develop a detailed business plan, which will become the basis of business development.
Investors are asked to answer a number of questions. For example, to understand who is the consumer of their products: retail stores, regional and/or federal networks, catering outlets, processing plants, intermediaries. At the same stage, it is necessary to determine how the investor intends to attract new clients and keep existing ones.
Another important step that must be passed before the start of the project is to determine what will be produced at all: vegetables/berries in raw or frozen form, canned products, vegetables/berries in dried form. You also need to determine the price based on its cost, and think through the distribution channels. It can be the official website of the company, social networks, advertising, recommendations.

Before the start of the investment project, you need to calculate the expected income. It consists of income from direct sales and basic expenses (maintenance of equipment, purchase of planting material and fertilizers, payment of utilities, advertising, salaries of employees, taxes, loans). Experts of the Investment Agency recommend to think through the main financial risks: non-demand products, crop failure. Assessing the costs, you need to understand what resources you will need - equipment, premises, utilities, planting material, fertilizers, specialists, finance - who will supply them.
Entrepreneurs who find answers to these questions are difficult to help in the Vologda Region Investment Agency. You can sign up for a free consultation by calling Vologda 500-112.

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