Head of "VKPPL" LLC

“Our company has been producing canned fruit and canned berry products since 2001. It was no coincidence that we chose Vologda Region, as it has advanced logistic accessibility to big cities - Moscow and Saint Petersburg. "The Development Corporation of Vologda Region" had intensively supported the project from the very beginning. Our cooperation has brought a new premium product "Vologda Jam".


Vice President of "Neva Milk" Corporation,

Board member of "Severnoe Moloko" OJSC

"Being a company from Saint Petersburg, "Neva Milk" has implemented three investment projects on milk processing industry in Vologda Region. Now, we are working on cheese spread, smoked and hard cheese plant in Cherepovets. The Region contributes to our development and we are comfortable with Vologda Region, which is milk manufacturer with the longest history. In the coming years, we are going to cooperate with Conaproleno, the milk manufacturer from Uruguay, on cow breeding project in the Region. This will be our first primary production projects to be further used by "Neva Milk" in their processes.

Vologda Region welcomes business initiatives and is ready to assist their development in the Region comprehensively. The sales markets in Moscow and Central Part of Russia are close to the Region, consumer market exceeds 50,000,000 people, the trade relationship is established with foreign countries, there is no lack in human resources. This is why the Region is attractive for us and foreign investors".

Alexander PERKHUROV,

Founder of "Optimekh-environment" LLC

"We are implementing an innovative project. The water treatment and wastewater treatment require new and efficient solutions. One of the solution is to use modular treatment systems in small settlements and in industrial sites - anywhere where it is impossible to operate station treatment systems. We are grateful to "The Development Corporation of Vologda Region" JSC for their assistance in implementation of our project".


Head of "Baranka" Cafe" LLC

"The key growth line of Transport strategy of the Russian Federation until 2030 is to develop road service facilities.

Vologda Region is the first Russian region for our company and for "LUKOIL-Volganefteproduct" to implement the project on multi-purpose road facilities creation along federal highways. The project became reality thanks to the Government of Vologda Region and their direct involvement to assist the project of the Development Corporation".


General Director of "Northern Glass Packaging Company" LLC

"We signed an agreement on investment project on glass packaging with the Government of Vologda Region at the World Economic forum 2017 in Saint Petersburg. The fallen into disrepair Smerdomsky Glass plant was picked as the foundation for project localisation. Specialists of the Development Corporation have selected this site to bring the pant to life again together.

Now, our company and the Investment Agency, which is eligible to support the project on a free basis, are going to rearrange the whole plant to enter European markets and become one of the best manifacturers both in Russia and abroad. We manufacture various glass packaging: champagne and still wine bottles, mineral water and alcohol drinks bottles, bottles for service fluids, however, a new unit construction, a new glass-melting furnace and overall manufacturing process modernisation can increase production capacities by 30%, which gives about 240 tonnes of bottles per year, and automatise the production process by 50%. Our cooperation with the Italian "Gruppo Colorobbia" introduces foreign approach to plant process management, high quality foreign equipment and increases production of glass packaging in Vologda Region and boosts raw material processing capacities.

The Region is interested in our success and provides immense support to achieve this goal."